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How can Signature improve your business?

Prevent unnecessary expenses

  • The most successful businesses know that the best way to maintain profitability is to prevent unnecessary expenses.
  • Win your next disputed charge by having a signed rental agreement. Along with a saved copy of the photo ID, your claims will be taken more seriously.
  • Protect your business with Signature!

Minimize stress by setting
clear guidelines

  • The best property managers minimize their stress by setting clear guidelines and rules for their guests.
  • Adding a signature and photo ID to these rules brings a calming clarity to the host-guest dynamic. Less confusion means fewer incidents. This means less money and time for you.
  • Protect your property with Signature!

Improve hosting by streamlining the documentation process

  • Top property managers know how to improve their hosting performance by streamlining the documentation process. Now you can too! When a room gets booked, send your rental agreements out to your guests automatically.
  • Get notified as soon as it's signed. As your business grows, your time shrinks.
  • Protect your productivity with Signature!

Paperless & Fully automated

  • The wealthiest property management firms have gone almost completely paperless. They've also gone fully automated. Isn't it time you had the same tools the big players have been using? Create, send, and sign contracts, all completely online.
  • Download the document to your device, or back it up to the cloud. Share documents with local authorities, all electronically.
  • Protect your profits with Signature!

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with Signature

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